Where Wishes Are Horses


HA 'Aragon' resin. Owned by Chloe Redfern.

LC's MAX HEADROOM. Grullo QH stallion. Body customised from a Peter Stone ISH by Karanetta Smith, USA. Part of own showstring and a 'never sell'! Best CM QH at MECS 2008.

VALKYRIE. Searcher 'Valda' resin. Norwegian Fjord Pony mare. Part of own showstring.

HA 'Garron' resin to a Mouse Dun Highland Pony stallion. Owned by Nadja Schnee, Germany.

Breyer 'Prancer' repainted to a smutty buckskin. Owned by Carla Watkins.

Dinky Duke resin to palomino. Seen here at the almost finished stage. Owned by Niroot Puttapipat.

Below: Stone 'Pebbles' ASB painted to a buckskin. Owned by ?.

Paintjob donation to MECS 2007. HA SM resin painted as a Norwegian Fjord with unclipped mane, shown at about his right size. He isn't that orange but my camera didn't like the light for some reason!

Below: Sencillo resin painted to a Grullo Kiger Mustang stallion. Painted August 2009. Part of own show string. 'El Hombre' took Reserve Champion AR Stock Horse at his first show.

Below: Cowboy Up resin. Part of own showstring, winning second in AR QH first time out!

Below: Paintjob donation for LEMS. January 2010: